​I probably didn’t need to be so harsh to Arietta there…

Marianne quickly dismisses her apologetic thoughts as she looked down at the poor young man lying on the floor before her feet.

“We need to get you fixed up, child.” She says, in a caring, motherly tone.

She clears the table and gathers her equipment before returning to the boy’s side.

Marianne, seeing that the boy was not a child at all, but rather a young man in his middle years of adolescence, looks at him wearily before coming to a decision on how she would lift the boy up onto her makeshift operation table.

She pulls his arms up around her shoulders in a sort of piggy back formation as she strains herself trying to get him onto the table.

Arietta would be laughing so hard if she saw this.  I bet she wouldn’t even help me!  She thought.

Being a shorter girl, Marianne found herself struggling tremendously to lift this boy as his feet dragged across the floor in his unconscious state.

After much time and effort, Marianne finally makes the long distance between the front entrance and the table, able to rid herself of the non-figurative weight on her small shoulders.

She put him down roughly before gently laying him flat on his back and turning his head to the side to give her easier access in cleaning and tending to his wound.

She went into her modest kitchen to grab her morterin pestel, witch-hazel, and honey to mix into a compress for his purpling bruise.

She first checks to make sure that he even made it out alive through all of the tossing and dropping that he had experienced by touching his wrist to feel the pulse.

Oh, good.  He’s okay… Well, as okay as someone who had a rock thrown at them can be, I suppose.

She cuts a long piece of gauze and slathers it in the mixture to use as a bandage.

Lifting the boy’s head daintily, she slid the strip of bandage under his head and around the wound several times before sticking the gauze to the side of his head with a small sewing pin.

“There we go.  The herbs and pressure of the cloth should keep the swelling down and keep it from splitting open and getting infected.”  She said to herself.

At that moment, she heard a distinct tolling of a bell, and looked outside to not only see the shorter hand of the clock tower pointing at the 6, but a large gaggle of men on horses galloping over the hills and thundering closer to the hidden base with every passing tick of the second hand.

“ARIETTA!!!! Wake up!”  Marianne sceamed.

Arietta came stumbling through the passageway of her room with a dazed and tired look on her face.

“Whaddayawant?” She asked groggily.

“It’s past six and the rest of the guild is going to be here soon!”

“So, they aren’t here yet, are they?”

Marianne nearly broke her jaw, it was clenched so tightly.  “They’re right over the hills!”  She screamed.

Arietta’s tired state broke in a flash, her eyes opening and her eyebrows shooting up to her hairline.

“Well, okay.  What are we going to do about dinner?  And oh, shit!  What are we going to do about the kid?”

“I don’t know! We have some leftovers from lunch that I can fix into something else, but you have to figure out some way to get him out of here!  We can’t have the Master finding out about us letting people into our base!”  Marianne replied, the panic clear in her voice as she was already making her way towards the kitchen.

Arietta ran towards the boy without a reply, grabbing his arms just as Marianne had, but not caring enough to watch out for his legs as she pulled him off of the table in a rush.

“Where should I put him?”  She asked once she had already pulled him out into the hallway.

“I don’t care, just put him in one of the back rooms!”  She shouted.

Without a second thought, she shoved him into her room and let him drop with a thud.

“And be nice!  I just healed him, you know!”  Marianne yelled at the sound of the body hitting the floor.

“Okay!  But don’t you have some cooking to do?”  Arietta yelled back, the disdain sharp in her tone.

Marianne rolls her eyes in bitter amusement, pulls the pasta out of the larder and places it into a large pot to prepare a quick dinner.

Once the pasta is done cooking, she lets the fire out and splits the large gathering of noodles into 13 wooden bowls for each member of the the guild.

She then runs to her room to get dressed for dinner, expecting Arietta to do her job of setting up the meal.

Master wants us to look presentable for meals after all… She thought.

Here’s the second chapter!  I actually already accidentally wrote part of the third chapter instead of the second chapter, so my updates are going to be really inconsistent for a bit, but thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this new chapter!  


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